3 Must-Have Skills for Graduate Journalists

With the new media and all the technology development, how the public reads the news through their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

“Today, the news media has to adapt what they do to fit our behavior, because we no longer have to fit our behavior to their cycle,” said Tom Rosenstiel in his Ted Talk.

One way to adapt is by changing the criteria of its recruits.

Here are 3 must-have skills for graduate journalists:

  1. Multi-skilled Journalists

In reporting a story today, journalists not only have to think about writing a story for a platform they are in charge of, but also for other platforms.

For example, recording a video for television, which has clear sound bites for radio, and pictures for print, website and social media.

Journalists have to be able to write, record, take photos and edit stories on their own.


  1. The ability to tailor stories for any platforms

People now read news from a lot of platforms, through the newspaper, radio, television, website and especially social media.

Therefore, news organisations need journalists who can tailor stories for various platforms and their audiences.

For example, older people tend to read news from newspaper or television while younger ones tend to read from the internet.

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  1. Thorough research skill

In this era, with all the citizen journalists writing and posting their writing in the internet, people are getting more and more cautious with their news consumption.

That is why journalists now have to present accurate facts in order to gain the trust and credibility from people.

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